US ZIP Codes

Zip code is an integral part of communications in our time. The exact delivery address is a kind of guarantee that a package will be delivered according to the desired place of destination. Millions of sendings are lost since people are not aware of the US zip codes.

Our letters and other shipments are sorted automatically, so a correct zip code allows post services to place our packages correctly. If you enter the wrong zip code, your mail will be sent to another district/city/state automatically.

ZIP codes have been used in America since the early 1960s. The basic format consists of five decimal numeric digits. The ZIP +4 code was introduced relatively recently, and it includes five digits of the zip code, a hyphen, and four more digits. The numbers at the end indicate the exact location of the recipient.

The first three digits represent the shipment area and further processing of the parcel. The following two characters give us the details related to the post office. Our website will help you learn more about abbreviations used in sending parcels and letters throughout America and the world at large.

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